As soon as I showed up the morning of Jennifer and Mike’s wedding I knew it was going to be an extraordinary day. They had a clear vision and did a phenomenal job decorating and coordinating such an incredible experience for all of their friends and family. My second shooter Jessica and I were astonished at the fact that every single moment we turned around their was another little detail that they had created themselves, I honestly don’t know how they did it all.ย These two are the type of people you instantly click with.ย Aside from being extremely talented, they had the best sense of humor and we couldn’t stop laughing all throughout the day. (Not to mention they could probably be supermodels.)ย The love between these two was evident and their chemistry was undeniable. The day left me feeling like you do after a big warm hug from a dear friend and Iโ€™m proud to call these two exactly that.

      Thanks as always to my second shooter Jessica!


      Looks like a great day, everything looked lovely…especially you! May you be very happy together.