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At my core, I believe in capturing stunning photographs without sacrificing authenticity or becoming too formulaic. My approach is to keep the experience as genuine and organic as possible. I strive to merge the fun and lighthearted moments that showcase your personalities with the striking editorial-style shots that will leave you in awe. My ultimate aim is to create portraits that feel like works of art, capable of transporting you back to the magical moment when you married your best friend.

more than just a photographer

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As your wedding photographer, I am committed to providing you with more than just stunning photos. You deserve to have a trusted and enjoyable experience throughout the entire process. My goal is to build a strong and lasting relationship with you, so you can feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera on your big day. With over 10 years of experience and 200 weddings under my belt, I have gained extensive knowledge and expertise that I am eager to share with you.

I understand that wedding planning can be overwhelming, and that's why I offer personalized assistance to help alleviate your stress. From bustling your dress to pinning boutonnières, I am here to make your day as smooth as possible. I am also available to offer guidance and support leading up to your wedding day, whether it's creating a timeline, suggesting locations, or simply being someone to talk to when wedding planning becomes overwhelming.

I believe that every couple deserves my undivided attention, which is why I only accept a limited number of weddings per year. By doing so, I can ensure that I am fully present and dedicated to capturing the essence of your special day. My ultimate goal is to provide you with a remarkable experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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Kind Words

what couples are saying

"After receiving the photos, the first words that came out of my mouth were - HOLY SH*T."

The Burr Homestead

"She was like magic. How did we get so lucky is exactly what ran through my head. We felt so blessed. Every beautiful, hilarious, & epic shot was captured in a way that was absolutely extraordinary. The lighting, the depth, the attention to detail, the perspective, the emotions, the love. All of it was so perfectly secured in every click and released with an explosion of unbelievable talent that is beyond admirable. The amount of passion, patience, dedication and soul that was put into these pictures have the word MASTERED plastered all over them."

- Jackie & Lauren

"Steph is one of the most professional, real, caring, hardworking and easygoing people I have ever met. It wasn’t like being tailed by a photographer all night, it felt like Steph was a friend there just taking pictures and capturing moments while living in them with us - and that is how she truly captured the essence of our day in every single picture."

- Courtney & Joe

library engagement

"Stephanie photographed mine and my fiancés engagement shoot and holy heck. I have so many good things to say about her talent, skill, and our experience. We were first-timers in front of the camera but she made it such a great experience for both of us, and because of that, I feel like she truly captured our personalities- and we absolutely can't wait til she shoots our wedding!"

- Kaye & David

"Not only is she a lovely person who makes you feel so comfortable but her photos are outstanding. From the first phone call, I knew Stephanie was the right photographer for me. She's passionate about what she does and it shines through in her work. She is the utmost professional which made my life so much easier because I knew I wouldn't need to track her down to make sure things were done, she just did it. An added bonus, when my coordinator was being rude to me on the day of my wedding, Stephanie stepped in and diffused the situation. Something she definitely didn't have to do but I'll always appreciate. You couldn't choose a better photographer than Stephanie."

- Kristin & Christian

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